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Amplifying Voices in Discourse (AVID)

To amplify voices, engage in and elevate critical thinking, build community, and highlight domestic and international examples of diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice across disciplines.

Reading Challenge

What is a reading challenge? A reading challenge allows you to set either a numerical goal, or to read books that fit into particular genres, categories, or author descriptions. For example, read a book by or about a refugee. Or, read a book by a trans or nonbinary author.

Completing a reading challenge is a great way to diversify your reading habits and incorporate new perspectives. Note that the below challenges are applicable during any year.

*Not exclusively diversity-related


Amplifying Voices in Discourse

Welcome to the Amplifying Voices in Discourse (AVID) Resource Guide! 

What We Do | Through a collaboration with the NU Library and University Diversity Committee, Amplifying Voices in Discourse (A.V.I.D.) served as a catalyst for discussing and engaging with crucial social issues experienced by the NU academic community and beyond. This initiative encourages the NU Community to engage in open conversation and critical scholarship, enhancing NU’s mission to recognize and celebrate diversity through the intentional engagement of literature or other resources.

What to Expect | Every quarter, the AVID Committee will select a resource for discussion based on a pressing social issue. To accomplish our vision, AVID will provide opportunities for the NU Community to participate in discussions about the resource and present research related to the chosen resource’s themes. 


TEDxWindsor | Robert Franz | Active Listening and Our Perception of Time

"Active listening is the key to so many great, great challenges we face..." 

- Robert Franz, Music Director of the Windsor Symphony Orchestra

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