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General Business Research

This guide is for the NU specialization General Business. It contains resources available in the NU Library.

Population in the News Assignment

Population in the News (Statistics 1: BTM-7104, BTM-8104)

To locate newspaper and magazine articles for this assignment use the ProQuest database to locate news articles on these topics. You can find a link to access this database on the Library's A-Z Databases page or click the link above. Once you are in the ProQuest database, make sure you are on the Advanced Search screen.

In the Source Type limiter under More Search Options,  select "Magazines" and "Newspapers" as shown below. You do not need to worry about limiting your search results to only the periodicals mentioned in your course assignment. Any newspaper or magazine article with relevant information to your assignment should be acceptable.

Image of limiting search results to magazines and newspapers using source type filter in database

Next, enter your search terms as shown below, making sure to use Phrase Searching for the exact phrases. Click "Add a row" to get a third search line. Please note that this an extremely narrow search, so you will not get many search results. To broaden your search, you can try searching for only one of the terms in combination with the term "population."

Image of phrase searching in advanced search function in database