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Master of Law and Business: Library Resource Guide

This Library Guide contains resources for the MLB Degree Program in the School of Law

Westlaw KeyCite

Westlaw uses KeyCite warnings to provide context about point of law authority. Legal standing and authority can change over time, and it is important to verify that the points of law within cases are still valid, or "good law." 

KeyCite Flags and Meanings

Red Flag undefined

Indicates that the case is no longer good law for at least one of the points of law addressed within the case. For example, the decision may have been reversed on appeal or overturned by a decision of the same court. 

Yellow Flag undefined 

Indicates that the case has negative history, but has not been reversed or overruled. The reasoning of the decision may have been criticized or its holding may have been limited to a specific set of facts. 

Blue-striped Flag undefined

Indicates that the case has been appealed to the U.S Court of Appeals or the U.S. Supreme Court. 

KeyCite Overruling Risk Icon undefined

Indicates that the case may have been implicitly undermined due its reliance on another case that has been overruled. 

To view the negative treatment of a case, click on the Negative Treatment tab on the case dashboard bar. This will list all negative direct history and negative citing references and indicate the documents that have the Most Negative Treatment. 



Secondary Resources

As a Paralegal student, you have access to Westlaw Campus Research. This is the basic version of WestlawEdge, and contains a vast amount of legal resources. Below you'll find a list of some resources available through Westlaw Campus Research. These resources are supplementary to course content.

Note: To access Westlaw Campus Research, connect to the A-Z Database List.