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A How-To Guide on Navigating and Searching with HeinOnline


 Images are taken from the following HeinOnline resources:

HeinOnline Getting Started | Quick Reference Guide

HeinOnline | Searching 101

HeinOnline | Comprehensive User Guide

Advanced Search Overview

Advanced Search 

  1. To use the Advanced Search feature, click on the 'Advanced Search' link to expand searching options. Use the search fields to create specific searches. Each field varies per HeinOnline collection. 
  2. Advanced Search allows users to search within one or more topics. 
  3. Users may search by journal titles or by citation. 
  4. Users have the ability to narrow down by publication date range. 
  5. Users may elect to sort results by relevancy, volume date, and more. 
  6. The Advanced Search feature provides the ability to search by section within the publication. 
  7. Users may include or exclude external articles and/or articles that are available within other HeinOnline collections. This option is available when searching within a specific collection. 
  8. The Venn Diagram Search is a unique advanced search feature that visualizes the results of keyword searches. This visualization feature is accessible within all collections. 
  9. Keyword Search Builder is a tool that allows users to enter keywords into one or more boxes and use boost levels to give more weight to the most important terms within the search phrase. (This feature may not be accessible within all collections). 



Search the Catalog

Users may search journals and books by searching within the HeinOnline Catalog. 

  1. Use this feature to search multiple fields and refine the search by including a date range. 
  2. The Subjects tool is available within all HeinOnline collections. Users may review the titles within each subject collection or browse the subjects using HeinOnline's A-Z index. Users may view the most popular subject listings by selecting ALL and browsing by count. 

Search results include:

  1. Publication information
  2. The list of collections in which the title can be found
  3. Links to more information
  4. MARC records
  5. The Refine Your Search section that allows users to further narrow down the search results. 

Search by Citation

  • To search by citation, select the Citation tab and type in the citation into the search box. When available, HeinOnline collections provide collection-specific citation navigators.  
  • The Citation Format Guide provides a list of citations by title. 

Searching for Case Law

HeinOnline has partnered with the legal database, Fastcase, to provide access to U.S. state and federal case law through inline hyperlinks or by searching for case citations within the Case Law Advanced Search feature. All cases will direct users to the case within Fastcase. Inline hyperlinks are in blue, and retrieve the full-text case when selected within the document. 

Example of inline case citation hyperlink