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A How-To Guide on Navigating and Searching with HeinOnline


 Images are taken from the following HeinOnline resources:

HeinOnline Getting Started | Quick Reference Guide

HeinOnline | Searching 101

HeinOnline | Comprehensive User Guide

Basic Search Overview

HeinOnline libraries are also referred to as “databases.” Each library/database contains titles. Each title may have one or more volumes. Within a volume, there may be sections, and each section has its own metadata. Search fields correspond with the metadata available in each library.

Main Search Bar

A tabbed main search bar is located at the top of every page in HeinOnline. The search bar provides four search options: Full Text, Citation, Catalog, and Case Law.


  1. Full Text: This option allows users to search the full-text of articles in addition to the search field metadata of all documents in the HeinOnline collections. 
  2. Citation: Use this basic search feature to find specific citations across all HeinOnline collections. Citation formats include Bluebook and alternate legal citation formats. Clicking this tab from inside a HeinOnline collection will also provide a link to a database-specific citation navigator when available. 
  3. Catalog: This tab searches across the MARC records all available HeinOnline titles. Use this search feature to search for journals or books. 
  4. Case Law: Use this tab to search for case citations. This search function retrieves the full-text of case law from either HeinOnline or Fastcase. 


Use the search techniques highlighted in HeinOnline's Searching 101 video tutorial to create effective search phrases to maximize search results. 

Click on 'Search Help' to review a quick reference guide on search techniques used within HeinOnline.