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A How-To Guide on Navigating and Searching with HeinOnline


To access HeinOnline, connect to the NU Library Homepage and select the A-Z Database link located in the top menu bar. A link to the database is also provided below the image. 

The HeinOnline Welcome page allows users to

  1. View subscribed databases by category and name
  2. Perform a search by: 
    1. Full-Text
    2. Citation
    3. Catalog
    4. Case Law
  3. Click Search Help for a listing of HeinOnline search syntax (search language)
  4. Click the 'More Information' link next to any database to see a brief description of the database's content or to download a full list of available titles.
  5. Access to 
    1. MyHein
    2. Recent blog posts
    3. HeinOnline help page
    4. Account information

(Directions and Image taken from HeinOnline Getting Started | Quick Reference Guide)

MyHein Account

MyHein is the HeinOnline personal research account that users can create to create and organize bookmarked articles, cases and other documents, save searches, and create alerts and RSS feeds. Journal article bookmarks can be exported into RefWorks. 

Create an Account

To create an account, click the MyHein option from the toolbar located on the upper right side of the page. Once registered, users will receive an email confirmation with the chosen username and password. To access any information saved within this account, users will need to log in each time the database is accessed. 

NOTE: The MyHein account is SEPARATE from the NU account. Librarians will not have access to this account information. 

For a detailed guide on MyHein functionalities, please refer to the MyHein | Quick Reference Guide.