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A How-To Guide on Navigating and Searching with HeinOnline


 Images are taken from the following HeinOnline resources:

HeinOnline | Comprehensive User Guide


Results Page

  1. Use the 'Refine Your Search' section to use various filters to narrow down search results. 
  2. The text highlighted in yellow features pages that contain the searched terms. 
  3. The icons on the menu bar allow users to modify search results, search within results, or expand all matching text pages. 
  4. The tools to the right allow users to download a pdf of the resource, access other print/download options, email a link to the document, and to bookmark the document to the user's MyHein personal research account. Beneath these tools is the ScholarCheck information. 

Page View

  1. The panel to the left features the publication's Table of Contents. The document in current view will be highlighted in gold. 
  2. The checkmark at the upper left corner displays ScholarCheck statistics. The Cite icon displays the citation information. 
  3. The links at the top illustrate the "breadcrumb trail" that allows the user to move back one or more steps in the navigation history.
  4. The image toolbar offers users the ability to save to pdf, download, email, link to, bookmark, or search within the document. The page navigation is also available in this toolbar. Users have the option to review multiple pages at once, expand the page view, and find related documents. The Topics button provides information regarding the document's assigned topics. For more information the image toolbar, please click on the tab titled 'Image Toolbar.'
  5. The text matching the search terms are highlighted in green throughout the document. 



  1. Generate an instant PDF of the current article/section.
  2. Access print/download options, including select one or more page ranges, or use the QR code reader. 
  3. Email a link to this current article/section to another user or to yourself. The link will expire in 7 days, unless the user is authenticated to HeinOnline. 
  4. Change the view of the document from a PDF to the uncorrected OCR text. 
  5. Create a permanent link to a specific page.
  6. Bookmark the article/section to your MyHein account. 
  7. Search within a page, section, volume, or title. 

      8. Navigate back and forth within a document. 

      9. More options. Clicking this will open up viewing                options, see 10 and 11. 

     10. Rotate the document counter-clockwise or                       clockwise. 

     11. Zoom in and out on a page. 

     12. Access the multi-page view.

     13. Access full-screen mode.

     14. More Like This.