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Homeland Security Digital Library

A How-To Guide to Searching Homeland Security-Related Content within the Homeland Security Digital Library Database

Overview of Topic Pages

The HSDL database provides access to homeland security-related resources on various topics. The example listed below is for the Climate Change topic page. 

Users may browse by topic or search within all documents. 

  1. The page defaults to browse all documents. 
  2. Select 'Search general resources for Climate Change' to conduct keyword searches within the collection. See the tab 'Conducting Searches' to review how to conduct searches within a topic page. 
  3. This line indicates when the collection was last updated. Resources are added when available. 
  4. This section allows users to jump to specific document sources. 
  5. Publication title.
  6. Click 'Show Summary' to collapse a summary of the document. 
  7. Click the 'Open resource [pdf]' link to review the full-text document. 
  8. Click '[Open Full Abstract)' to review the document abstract.
  9. This line indicates the publishing body. 
  10. Author information, when available.
  11. Publication date. 

Search General Resources for Topic Page (Climate Change example featured below)

Basic Search

To search within all the topic page's resources, select the 'Search General Resources for [Topic Page Name]' tab on the main page. Selecting this option will redirect to the basic search page. 

  1. To conduct an advanced keyword search, select the 'Advanced Search' link. This will redirect to the Advanced Search page (see bottom image). 
  2. Add an additional search filter to narrow down the search results. Filters include Resource Type or Special Collection; Publisher; Series; Format; Language; or Author. Because the search is filtered to searching by Title or Summary by the topic, it is recommended that the user add an additional filter to the search. Advanced Search is also recommended. 
  3. Results are organized by relevance but may also be organized by date. 
  4. Users with an account may create alerts to receive an email notification when new legislation is added to the collection. 

Advanced Search Page