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Library Accessibility Services

This guides provides details about accessibility options at National University Library.

Text Display Options in Library Databases

Some library databases allow you to change the view settings for articles presented in HTML format. Features can include adjusting font styles and sizes as well as modifying background colors to accommodate easier reading. 

Databases with Text Display Options

Text Display Features in GALE Databases

With text display features in GALE databases, you can:

  • Increase or decrease the font size
  • Select other font style choices, such as OpenDyslexic, for reading
  • Change to optional background colors to better view text on the screen
  • Modify line, word, and letter spacing, so you can choose what style is easiest for reading 

On the content page, select the options in the left-hand corner to adjust your view settings for an article or resource. 

Gale Text View Options

Text Display Features in SAGE Research Methods

With text display features in SAGE Research Methods, you can modify the font size for content. Click on the Text option on the resource page to modify the text size.

SAGE Research Methods Text Options