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ARC serves as a hub for alumni, students, faculty, and staff pursuing scholarly publications, presentations, and research.

ARC Events

Scholarly Mixers

Good news! ARC is bringing back our Scholarly Mixers, starting in August 2023! Casual Zoom get-togethers are held quarterly to help you find other scholars to publish and present with. Scholarly Mixers are open to NU alumni, students, staff, and faculty. 

ARC Scholarly Mixer 11/14/23

Faculty, staff, alumni, and students:

Are you interested in collaborating with other scholars on potential academic publications and conference presentations?

Please join us for an ARC Scholarly Mixer on Zoom, Tuesday 11/14/23 at 8:00 pm Eastern (5:00 pm Pacific).

At the mixer, you will learn about opportunities and network in small breakout rooms to chat with potential scholarly partners or groups about your research interests.  ARC can then help you to realize these scholarly dreams. Even if you’re just casually browsing, please do attend! It’s a fun and casual scholarly experience.

Please use the Zoom link below and email Dr. Maggie Broderick any time with questions or input:

ARC Scholarly Mixer, Tuesday 11/14/23

8:00 pm Eastern (5:00 pm Pacific)

Register in advance for this meeting:


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Welcome to the Advanced Research Center (ARC)!

ARC serves as a hub for alumni, students, faculty, and staff pursuing scholarly publications, presentations, and research.

Why Publish or Present?

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What motivates scholars to publish or present their work?

Interest in the topic they pursue

Interest in doing scholarly research in general

Participating in the scholarly community

Connecting deeply with colleagues/scholars

Lifelong learning

Pride in their accomplishments

Building up their CV/resume

Career advancement

So much more!

Webinar on Publishing and Presenting from NU CTL

NU Library Resources on Publishing

Visit the NU Library for detailed information and more resources on publishing your work.

Contact ARC

Email Dr. Maggie Broderick any time to set up a consultation or to chat about your ideas and strategies for scholarly publications and presentations.