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About CalTPA


The CalTPA is an assessment of effective teaching, where teachers take time to get to know their students, plan lessons that build on students’ assets/prior knowledge/interests, assess learning, and reflect on how the lessons went.


As of July 2008, California statute (Chap. 517, Stats. 2006) requires all Multiple and Single Subject Teaching Credential candidates to pass an assessment of their teaching performance with K-12 public school students as part of the requirements for earning a preliminary teaching credential. This assessment of teaching performance is designed to measure the candidate's knowledge, skills and ability with relation to California's Teaching Performance Expectations (TPEs), including demonstrating his/her ability to appropriately instruct all K-12 students in the Student Academic Content Standards.

More information available at CA.GOV > Commission on Teacher Credentialing

CalTPA Updates and Changes 

July 2022
CalTPA version 05 is released. 

September 2021
CalTPA version 4.1 is released for selected materials. Summary of assessment changes made from Year 3 to Year 4.

July 2021
CalTPA version 04 is released. Updated CalTPA materials are now available on this website.

Candidates who plan to submit during the 2021–2022 program year should use CalTPA Assessment Guides and Materials marked as Version 04. Submissions received after July 8, 2021, will be assessed according to the Version 04 rubrics.

July 2020
CalTPA version 03 is released. Previous versions of CalTPA templates are no longer available on this website.

July 2018
The redeveloped CalTPA includes two instructional cycles with a focus on content-specific instructional planning and assessment:

Instructional Cycle 1: Learning About Students and Planning Instruction

Instructional Cycle 2: Assessment-Driven Instruction

Each instructional cycle reflects four iterative steps commonly used in teaching: (1) plan, (2) teach and assess, (3) reflect, and (4) apply. This pedagogical cycle provides an overarching conceptual framework of progressively interrelated cognitive steps to help guide and refine the candidate’s thinking and encourage active decision-making throughout each cycle of planning, teaching, and assessing student learning.

The redeveloped CalTPA is intended to provide both a formal assessment of candidate ability and a framework of performance-based guidance to inform candidate preparation and continued professional growth through induction. Analytic feedback provided at the completion of each cycle will facilitate data-driven collaboration and reflection by the candidate in preparing for the subsequent assessment cycle. Performance data will be shared with institutions to assist them in making program improvements and will guide induction programs as they work with new teachers to individualize learning plans.

The CalTPA is designed to be embedded within the field placement of a teacher preparation program so that the candidate may draw on authentic evidence of teaching ability and student learning experienced during clinical practice. The two instructional cycles were developed to build on each other, but may be completed independently and in any order deemed appropriate by a preparation program.

Source: California Commission on Teaching Credentialing

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I REGISTER for CalTPA?

What are the FEES of CalTPA?

  • Cycle 1: $150
  • Cycle 2: $150

When do I SUBMIT CalTPA?

Is there a FORM for getting permission to record?

What is the CalTPA GLOSSARY of terms?

  • The glossary contains definitions and clarifications of key terms as used in the CalTPA performance assessment guides.
  • Candidates should reference the glossary to determine if terms are being used appropriately in their responses to the cycle directions
  • Find the latest glossary on the CalTPA Assessment Materials webpage.

CalTPA Assessment Overview & More

Additional Information

The Teaching Performance Assessment documents on this library guide were posted for the Teacher Education Department at National University.

For questions about the TPA, NU teacher credential candidates may contact:

Mark Anderson
Teacher Education Department, National University