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Academic Skills

Academic Integrity Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide for preventing academic integrity violations in your work.


 Have you reviewed the assignment instructions carefully?

 If you had questions, did you seek clarification from the mentor?

 If you took notes as you were researching, did you indicate the source material, including page or paragraph number, for information you might use in your assignment?

 Did you put quotation marks around anything that is a direct quote from the source, and did you indicate the citation (including page or paragraph number) in your notes?

 Do your notes summarize the article instead of simply restating the abstract?

 Did you keep a list of all references you have reviewed?


 Did you use quotes sparingly?

 Are quotes included because you cannot state them any better in your own words?

 Are the quotes relevant to the concept being addressed?

 Did you make sure you did not exceed the fair use provision guidelines related to quoting source material?

 Did you support opinions (unless a self-reflection aspect) with research evidence, and then properly cite them?

 Have you provided clarity to the reader by distinguishing between your ideas and those from your sources?

 Were direct quotes presented with quote marks if under 40 words, or placed in a block format if 40 words or more, and then cited using the page or paragraph number?

 Did you ensure that you have not used another student’s work or submitted someone else’s work as your own?


 Was information from your resources cut and pasted into your notes?

 Was the information from your sources rewritten into your own words and did you create a citation providing credit to your source?

 Were all original thoughts rewritten in your own words and cited, if the original idea was not your own?


 Have you met the assignment requirement for supporting evidence in number of required references from scholarly sources, including peer-reviewed journal articles?

 Did you display limited use of Internet-based sources?

 Have you indicated the source in which you have used material from to support your assignment?

 Is every source in the reference list actually cited within the paper as required by APA style?

 Are they presented in correct APA format?


 Have you read through your paper to identify?

 Spelling errors?

 Grammatical errors?

 All information is correctly cited?

 Have you made sure that you have not used another student’s work or submitted someone else’s work as your own?

 Have you made sure that all material cited in the paper is noted in the reference list, and that each source in the reference list was actually cited in the paper?