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Artificial Intelligence: OpenAI, ChatGPT, Large Language Models, and You

This guide is designed to help answer questions and provide resources regarding AI, ChatGPT, Large Language Models, and their relationship to academics.

What is ChatGPT (and the Many Other Large Language Model AI Chatbots)

What is AI and ChatGPT? 

Since November, 2022, when Artificial Intelligence chatbots were released for free, public use, they have garnered nearly constant attention in the news and among education institutions. At National University, students, staff, and faculty alike are still learning about these technologies and how they will impact our ways of working and learning. 

It is clear that AI tools will have a significant impact on our society and educational systems, including upon those of us at National University. Therefore, it is vital that we all approach these tools with curiosity, a critical disposition, and with an understanding of ethical responsibilities.  

What Can't ChatGPT Do? 

It is important to understand that ChatGPT is a large language model that produces words that the system predicts will make the most sense to users. ChatGPT is not a search engine, and therefore, ChatGPT gives us words, not facts. ChatGPT can give users incorrect information and it can be missing important information from ongoing discussions and debates. It is critical that users understand how these tools work and these tools' limitations. 

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