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COH318: Drug Use & Abuse: Web Resources

Find library and web resources for COH318.

What You'll Find Here

These selected web resources in your subject area may help you find additional information. They have been reviewed by us, so you know they are trustworthy. Take a look!

Recommended Websites

The Internet has a great wealth of information, but it can be difficult to wade through it all to find the gems.  Here are a few websites that are vetted, reliable, and appropriate for scholarly research:

Internet Reliability

(Image Credit: Gerald Lynch)

The  Internet is an important tool, but you need to remember:

  • Anyone can develop a website on any topic they choose; creativity does not equal authority.
  • The Internet does not have:
    • Standards for publishing
    • Review process to check for accuracy
    • Prompts for removing outdated information

Ask yourself why the site was created. To find out more on this topic, see our guide on evaluating websites.