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Dissertation/Poster of the Year

The Office of Graduate Studies is pleased to announce the call for nominations for Dissertation of the Year (DOY) and applications for the Poster Session/Poster of the Year (POY). The nomination/ application process for these awards is open until April 3, 2024.

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Top 5 Resources in the Applied Doctoral Center

One of them may be just what you are looking for...

1. Conceptual Framework  2. Trustworthiness of Qualitative Data  3. Purpose Statement  4. Problem Statement   5. Action Research Resource


Welcome to the Applied Doctoral Center! The Applied Doctoral Center is a collection of resources to support students in completing their project/dissertation-in-practice as part of the Applied Doctoral Experience (ADE). The Applied Doctoral Center is broken up into a collection of guides and each guide supports you in different areas of your project/dissertation-in-practice. Navigate to the guides using the blue tabs near the top of the page.  Once in a guide, use the table of contents on the left to navigate within the guide itself. 

 Many of the guide homepages also include a Jump to ADE Guide   widget in the left navigation column. You can use this to easily navigate to another area of   the Applied Doctoral Center.  Just select the page you wish to access from the   dropdown menu and then click the Go button.

How do I know if I should be in the Applied Doctoral Center or the Dissertation Center?

Log into NCUOne and scroll down on the homepage until your find your Upcoming Courses widget.  Look for the courses that begin with DIS.

Course Codes: DIS-9911A/B/C/D, DIS-9912A/B/C/D, DIS-9913A/B/C/D, and DIS-9914A/B/C/D= Applied Doctoral Center

Course Codes: DIS-9901A/B/C/D, DIS-9902A/B/C/D, DIS-9903A/B/C/D, and DIS-9904A/B/C/D= Dissertation Center

Important: If you are working on a dissertation as part of the Doctoral Student Experience (DSE), you will find your resources in the Dissertation Center.

Great Start to the ADE

Great Start to the ADE is a guided roadmap of the ADE process and resources available for free. Students can self-enroll in Great Start from their NCUOne homepage.

NCUOne homepage with Learning Toolkit dropdown menu open and red arrows pointed to Great Start Self Registration.