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Study Strategies and Resources

In this space, you can chat with an Alumni Navigator and explore a variety of topics related to study skills and resources.

What We Do

The University Alumni Navigators are dedicated to guiding and supporting you throughout your journey at NU. As experienced NU alumni, we offer personalized assistance to empower you with the resources, skills, and confidence needed to succeed at NU and beyond.

Our support focuses on:

  • Finding Balance: Learn effective time management strategies to manage your academic, personal, and social life for overall well-being.
  • Setting Goals: Get help defining and achieving your short-term and long-term goals.
  • Developing a Growth Mindset: Foster a mindset that embraces challenges and learns from feedback.
  • Online course and student portal navigation - Learn how to navigate the ins and outs of the NU student portal and online class environment (Brightspace).
  • Computer Fundamentals- Learn the basic technology skills needed to thrive in your studies (Microsoft 365 Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, etc.).
  • Creating a Success Plan: Craft a personalized plan that outlines the steps to academic and personal success.
  • Understanding Feedback: Learn how to constructively interpret course objectives and apply feedback.
  • Matching Resources: Discover and utilize the resources available to you for academic and personal development.
  • Using Kaltura (MyMedia): Gain proficiency in using Kaltura for your multimedia needs.
  • Utilizing TurnItIn: Understand how to use TurnItIn to maintain academic integrity and improve your writing.
  • Developing Study Strategies: Learn tips and tricks in topics like note-taking, effective textbook reading, reviewing course materials, test-taking, and learning styles or preferences.

Meet the Navigators

Dr. Samira Galvao

Dr. Galvao has been an educator for over 20 years. She started with NCU in July 2017. She has a B.A. in Early Childhood and an M.A. in Curriculum and Instructions, and she received her EDS in Leadership from NCU in August of 2018. Dr. Galvao successfully defended her dissertation on June 9th, 2020. The title of her dissertation is "Addressing the Needs of English Language Learners at the Secondary Level: A Qualitative Single-Case Study." She loves to travel with her family, and her favorite destination is Disney World. They go every year, and they are proud to be called Disney fanatics. “If you can Dream it, You can Do it!” -Walt Disney. 

Dr. Calvin Gardner

Dr. Gardner is a native of Detroit, MI. He has been married for 34 years. He is the father of four adult children and a grandfather of eight. He has spent the last 36 years in Active-Duty Service (21 in the U.S. Marine Corps; 15 as a Navy Chaplain Corps). Interesting facts about Dr. Gardner, as a lifelong learner, he has earned seven undergraduate/graduate degrees. His last earned degree was his Ph.D. in Psychology. The title of his dissertation is “A Quantitative Correlational Study: Exploring the Relationship Between Religiosity, Humility, and Dispositional Forgiveness.” As a hobby, he enjoys educational coaching and mentoring. Dr. Gardner is interested in researching the following: Disposition Forgiveness, Humility, Religiosity, Spirituality, Leadership, Implicit Bias, and Neuropsychology. He enjoys reading and writing about bridge builders between Theology and Psychology communities. 

Dr. Kertrenia Wright

Dr. Wright has been an educator for over 24 years. She started with NCU in May 2018. She has a B.A. in Biology, an M.A. in Educational Leadership, and received her Ed. D in Educational Leadership from NCU in November of 2021. Dr. Wright successfully defended her dissertation on November 8, 2021. The title of her dissertation is "Academic Achievement of Middle School English Language Learners Based on Participation in an English as a Second Language Program." She loves to spend time with her family, paint, and create crafts.  Her educational philosophy is centered around the 5G’s and 3Ds.  She continues to grow academically in order to give the knowledge gained to others to guide them to greatness all through grace. Her commitment to this philosophy is completed through determination, dependability, and dedication. Her favorite quote is, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” -Lao Tzu.

Diana Karr

Ms. Karr has over 20 years of teaching experience which includes instructing children and adults. She has a B.A. in Child Development from California State University, Fullerton, and an M.A. in Education from National University. Ms. Karr has experience mentoring college students and working in learning centers. She absolutely loves teaching and supporting her students as well as learning from them. When she is away from the classroom/University, she enjoys cooking, hiking, bike riding and spending time with her family. 

Dr. Pamela Gary-Maple

Dr. Gary-Maple is a native of New Jersey. She has been an educator for over 20 years. She has a B.S. in Biology, M.ED in Education, and M.ED in Administration & Supervision, and she received her EDD in Education Leadership from NCU in September 2021. Dr. Gary-Maple successfully defended her dissertation on September 7, 2021. The title of her dissertation is Comparing Differences in High School Algebra Achievement Based on the Use of Differentiated Instruction: An Archival Quasi-Experimental Study. She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and creating precious memories with her husband and son. Her favorite quote is, “Don’t Dream Your Life; Live Your DREAM!”

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