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Chapter 2

Literature Review

Chapter 2 covers the literature review. It provides a detailed analysis of the theory/conceptual framework used in the study. In addition, chapter 2 offers a thorough synthesis of the available, current, scholarly literature on all aspects of the topic, including all points of view.

How to Critically Analyze Sources

Learning about Synthesis Analysis

What Does Synthesis and Analysis Mean?

Synthesis: the combination of ideas to

  • form a theory, system, larger idea, point or outcomeSynthesis, Analysis, and Evaluation
  • show commonalities or patterns

Analysis: a detailed examination

  • of elements, ideas, or the structure of something
  • can be a basis for discussion or interpretation

Synthesis and Analysis: combine and examine ideas to

  • show how commonalities, patterns, and elements fit together
  • form a unified point for a theory, discussion, or interpretation
  • develop an informed evaluation of the idea by presenting several different viewpoints and/or ideas


Chapter 2 Webinars

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