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Research Awards

Previous Research Award Winners

Dissertation of the Year Winners

Note that prior to 2012, there was a Dissertation of the Year award recipient within each School. If you need additional information about a particular School’s winner, please contact your Advisor or Dissertation Chair.

2009 School of Education: Jennie C. De Gagne, Exploring the Experience of Educators Who Teach Online: A Multi-Method Qualitative Study.  

2009 School of Psychology: Elena Marie Papavero, Assessing the Relationships Between Person-Organization Fit, Moral Philosophy, and the Motivation to Lead.

2010 School of Education: Gayle M. Cicero, Professional School Counselors as Leaders and Active Participants in School Reform: A Phenomenological Exploratory Study to Examine the Perspectives of System-Level Supervisors of School Counselors.

2010 School of Business and Technology Management: Craig Gray, Assessing the Use of Outsourcing and Offshoring for Engineering Designs.

2010 School of Behavioral and Health Sciences: Moliver, Psychological Wellness, Physical Wellness, and Subjective Vitality in Long-Term Yoginis Over 45.

2011 (School of Behavioral and Health Sciences): Judy A. Kelly, Efficacy of Hypnosis for the Treatment of Comorbid Chronic Pain and Insomnia in Older Adults.

2011 (School of Business and Technology Management): Thomas Thompson II, Assessing the Determinants of Information Technology Adoption in Jamaica's Public Sector Using the Technology Acceptance Model.

2011 (School of Education): Jennifer Barbara Thomson, The Relationship Between Student Achievement and Multilingualism: A Quantitative Causal-Comparative Study.

2012: Milton Kabia, Contributions of Professional Certification and Information Technology Work Experience to Self-Reported Job Performance.

2013: Becky Collins: Attitudes of Middle School Students with Disabilities Toward Physical Education: A Mixed Methods eExamination.

2014: Anta Fall Moore, Experiences of African American Women Declining or Delaying Breast Cancer Surgery: A Phenomenological Study

2015: Dale Spurlin: When Learning could hurt, A case study of student-veterans and their combat experiences in the classroom.

2016: Melinda Riccitelli, Science Identity's Influence on Community College Students' Engagement, Persistence, and Performance in Biology.

2017: Renee Squier, Hiring for Performance and Retention: Examining the Relationship Between Cognitive Fit and Employee Turnover in the U.S. Navy.

2018: Sylvester Wilson, A Qualitative Case Study on the Academic Impact of Middle School Students Living as Doubled-Up Homeless Youths.

2019: Ginna Myers, Adults Behaving Badly: The Effects of Job Strain Variables and Perpetrators’ Dark Triad Traits on Teacher Victimization.

2020: Bobbi Maher, Improving Academic Achievement among Native American Studies in South Dakota through Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

2021: Keresa Britton, Dancing with Mom: The Shared Identity between Caregiving Daughters and Their Mothers with Dementia: A Qualitative Narrative Study

2023: Alexander Stevens, Trustworthiness of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Healthcare Transformation: Assessing Clinician Trust and Acceptance of Artificial Intelligence

Alumni of the Year Winners

2018: Kirby Reutter

2019: Michael Clumpner

2020: James Gigliello

2021: Tracy Diefenbach