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Professional Presentation/Defense

Doctoral Project/Dissertation-in-Practice Manuscript Publishing

National University requires doctoral candidates to publish their doctoral projects/dissertations-in practice manuscripts.  This is accomplished through ProQuest. 

ProQuest ETD Administrator

In order to publish your manuscript, you must create an account with ProQuest.  There are different publishing options available- you will select your preferred option.  ProQuest also provides the opportunity to add subject categories and an abstract when uploading your manuscript. 

Additionally, ProQuest allows you to copyright your work or have a copy bound.  Neither are requirements of NU and are considered optional.


You, the doctoral candidate, initiate the process for publishing your manuscript.

After successfully presenting/defending, you will complete and sign the Professional Presentation/Defense Attendance Verification Form (PPDAVF) and send it to your Chair. 

The Chair will complete and sign their section and forward to the Graduation Team in the Office of the Registrar.  The Graduation Team sends out ProQuest instructions to the doctoral candidate via email once the completed PPDAVF has been received.  Simply follow the instructions outlined within the email to begin the process to upload your manuscript to ProQuest.

After submitting your electronic copy of your manuscript to ProQuest, NU will send your approval page requesting signatures from your committee chair, subject matter expert, and academic reader.  Once the signed approval page is returned, NU will add it to your manuscript and complete your doctoral project/dissertation-in-practice package for final submission to ProQuest.