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NU Brightspace Navigation


Brightspace is the name of the online platform where your courses can be located. You will use Brightspace for most of your activity as a student.

Access your courses from the "waffle" at the top of the Brightspace homepage:

NU Brightspace top of page navigation bar with red arrow ponting at 3x3 square icon.

Within your class, you should see a horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page, typically a blue bar with white writing:

Course navigator bar in blue and white colors with worded links.

Below is a list of the items available on the navigation bar and a quick overview for each:

  • Course Home- where you find the course announcements.
  • Syllabus- holds important course information such as expected learning outcomes, grading standards, and class policies. Please read through your syllabus for every course. Your professor may also include their contact information in the syllabus.
  • Content- houses your weekly resources and course work.  This is where you will spend most of your time in class.  A typical class will include a module in the left navigation tree for each of the four weeks of the course.  Each week is divided into content, such as lectures, articles, videos, and other learning material that enables you to complete assignments, discussion questions, or quizzes. 
  • Course Work- stores the graded items for each week. While these are also listed in content, this is another way to check that you are completing everything that will be graded each week.
  • Grades- shows the grades you received on each assignment and how many points each assignment is worth.
  • Classlist- shows your classmates.  This may or may not be available in your course room.
  • Library- links to the library where you can do additional research beyond the resources provided in your weekly content.
  • Learning Tools- provides links to find Kaltura My Media, Zoom, and other resources.
  • Support Resources- provides tutorials on navigating Brightspace and other frequently asked questions.