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SOHP Essentials

Citation Software

Citation software can automatically save bibliographic information from a database or website. We recommend students start collecting and organizing their websites, articles, and other resources using RefWorks from the beginning of their program. This will be invaluable when writing your dissertation/final project, especially when writing your literature review.

Data Analysis

Doctoral students have access to NVivo and SPSS for free to conduct data analysis in their dissertation research. 

NVivo is used for qualitative data analysis and SPSS is used for quantitative data analysis. If this software is not appropriate for your study, work with your chair to identify the best software for your data analysis.

Resource Management

As a student you will encounter hundreds of resources relevant to your dissertation, including articles, websites, and even videos. Saving these is a way that makes them easy to find later is a key to writing your dissertation. Below are two good resources for saving, annotating, and cataloguing your resources.

Graphic Organizers

Visual planning tools can be used to map out the dissertation, create connections between themes in the literature review and collaboratively share your ideas with your chair.

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