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BUS-7101 v4

Changing Times: Business Administration in the 21st Century.

Lesson 1 Optional/Suggested Resources

In the intricate tapestry of your academic journey, particularly during the dissertation phase, nurturing your mental well-being isn't merely a suggestion—it's a priority. Seasoned guides through the world of academia can attest to the toll an unbalanced mind can exact on one's scholarly endeavors. Embracing and managing your mental health is akin to tending to the soil in which you plant your intellectual seeds. With care and attention, it can yield a bountiful harvest of insights, creativity, and deep understanding. 

The following suggested resources are highly recommended:  

  • Managing your Mental Health during your PhD A Survival Guide 
    Ayres, Z. (2022). Managing your mental health during your PhD: A survival guide (1st ed.). Springer. 
  • The PhD Journey: Strategies for Enrolling, Thriving, and Excelling in a PhD Program 
    Chepkirui Ngetich, G. (2022). The PhD Journey: Strategies for enrolling, thriving, and excelling in a PhD Program (1st ed.). Aviva Publishing.