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Module 1 Required Resources


Read the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Financial Management in Context 
    • In this chapter expect to learn about the purpose of healthcare financial management to the purpose of the organization, understand the objectives of healthcare financial management, and review background accounting, economic, and statistics information. 

  • Chapter 2: Organization of Financial Management 
    • This chapter identifies the roles and responsibilities of the key financial managers, highlights how healthcare organizations are organized, and examines the alternative corporate structures available to healthcare organizations. 

  • Chapter 3: Financial Analysis and Management Reporting 
    • In this chapter, you gain insight into the major components of financial statements, including the list in order and explanations of each step in the financial analysis process. 

  • Chapter 4: Tax Status of Healthcare Organizations 
    • This chapter focuses on how to analyze the rationale for tax-exempt status and apply the rationale to healthcare, identify the steps necessary to qualify for tax-exempt status and examine various challenges to tax-exempt status. 

  • Chapter 16: Healthcare Reform Trends 
    • This chapter compares and contrasts healthcare reform proposals in the past and present, discusses the Affordable Care Act of 2010 and various state proposals for healthcare reform, and explains the need for entitlement reform. 


Module 1 Optional Resources