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Module 1 Required Resources


Your course textbook, a MindTap ebook, can be accessed via the "Read:..." links in the MindTap Learning Activities folder in each Module folder of your Brightspace course.


  • Capítulo 9: La salud y el bienestar

Module 1 Optional Resources

The Conectados MindTap Personal Study Plan identifies your areas for improvement and provides extra study and practice personalized to your needs.  The Personal Study Plan can be accessed via the "Extra: Personal Study Plan" links in the MindTap Learning Activities folder in each Module folder of your Brightspace course.


Watch the following videos to reinforce some of the grammar concepts featured this module.

The following video shows you step-by-step how to use a variety of spelling and grammar checkers to improve your writing in Spanish. It covers Google docs, Word online,, and As you will notice, the professor is not from NU, but her advice on how to use these tools is very relevant for the writing that you will do in this course. 

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