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Module 4 Lesson 7 Resources

Module 4 Lesson 8 Resources

Optional Resources

ATI Resources

ATI Student Login:

At the beginning of nursing school, students are encouraged to utilize Nurse Logic Tutorial and the Achieve Tutorial found by going to MY ATI then the LEARN tab.  Students can also access the ATI Plan – Student Orientation Tutorial in the LEARN tab.

All pre-licensure students are required to participate in the ATI NCLEX Preparation Plan until they have passed NCLEX.  ATI NCLEX preparation activities will be integrated throughout the nursing program.  Students are expected to successfully complete all Integrated Exams, ATI Predictor Exams, Practice Assessments, Remediation, course-specific activities, and the ATI Review Courses prior to graduation.  Students who fall below the benchmark score will be required to remediate. 

Students are required to take assigned Practice Assessments, Integrated Exams, Predictor Exams and Focused Review within specific courses. Beginning and supporting the nursing education journey with ATI's online courses and testing, is important to a successful outcome.

Module 4 – Ticket to Class

NSG 214 Module Assignment

ATI Module Name

Est. Time Spent

Virtual Demonstration & EHR Chart

Number of Practice Test Questions

Est. Time Spent on Practice Test

Module 4


80 min

*Clinical Assignment



Module 4

Breast and lymphatics

45 min




Module 4

Rectum and genitourinary

50 min




When you have completed the module click on the results and download the module report. This report maybe uploaded to bright space as proof of module completion. All assigned “Ticket-to-Class” ATI Modules must be completed to receive class credit.