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Module 1 Required Resources

NLE Programs

Choose one of the following NLE programs to use for this course: 

LinkedIn Learning Videos 

Please watch the following LinkedIn Learning video for the NLE program you chose for this course:  

For Adobe Premiere Pro: 

  • Chapter 1: Getting to Know Adobe Premiere Pro 
  • Chapter 2: Setting up and Organizing Your Media 
  • Chapter 3: Basic Editing 
  • Chapter 6: Basic Audio Editing 
  • Chapter 12: Finishing and Exporting 

For Avid Media Composer: 

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Media Composer 
  • Chapter 3: Getting Started 
  • Chapter 4: Importing Media 
  • Chapter 5: Getting Ready to Edit 
  • Chapter 6: Preparing the Timeline for Editing 
  • Chapter 7: Editing with Splice-In and Overwrite 
  • Chapter 9: (Optional) Drag & Drop Editing in Segment Mode 
  • Chapter 10: Moving Segments in the Timeline 
  • Chapter 18: Exporting Your Movie 

For DaVinci Resolve: 

  • Chapter 1: DaVinci Resolve Setup Essentials  
  • Chapter 2: Organizing Media on the Media and Cut Pages  
  • Chapter 3: Assembling Your Story on the Cut Page 
  • Chapter 4: Refining Your Story on the Edit Page  
  • Chapter 6: Mixing 101 on the Fairlight Page  
  • Chapter 7: Rendering and Delivering on the Deliver Page 



Source Footage 

Download the following source footage from the Vimeo Website (password: MUL365) for Discussion 2. 

Module 1 Optional Resources

Copyright-Free Music 

Video Clips

Optional Equipment: Microphones 

For the production phase of your Mini-doc (Module 3), having good sound really helps your presentation. A lavaliere or lapel mic is a terrific tool to help you get great results when you shoot interviews. Luckily, these have dropped in price with the proliferation of YouTuber creators. If you happen to be shooting your project on a cell phone, here are some links for an affordable microphone. It will also come in handy for the audio course!