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SEL630: SEL Strategies


Handbook of Social and Emotional Learning: Research & Practice.

Durlak, J. A., Domitrovich, C. E. Weissberg, R. P. & Gullotta, T. P. (Eds.). (2015). Handbook of social and emotional learning: Research and practice. The Guilford Press. ISBN for eBook: 9781462520176 

The Action Research Guidebook: A process for pursuing equity and excellence in education.

Sagor, R. D. & Williams, C. (2017). The Action Research Guidebook: A Process for Pursuing Equity in Education. Corwin. eText ISBN: 9781506380612 


From the Durlak textbook:

  • Afterword -- Making SEL Work for All Children: Comer 
  • Afterward -- The Future of SEL: Goleman 
  • Chapter 26 -- What Everyone Should Know About Implementation: Durlak 
  • Chapter 35 -- The Case for Preschool through High School State Learning Standards for SEL: Dusenbury, Newman, Weissberg, Goren, Domitrovich, & Mart 

From the Sagor & Williams textbook:

  • Chapter 7 -- Building a data collection plan 
  • Chapter 8 -- Analyzing the data