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SEL 620: SEL Frameworks


Handbook of Social and Emotional Learning: Research and Practice

Durlak, J. A., Domitrovich, C. E. Weissberg, R. P., & Gullotta, T. P. (Eds.). (2015). Handbook of social and emotional learning: Research and practice. The Guilford Press. ISBN for eBook: 9781462520176 

The Action Research Guidebook: A Process for Pursuing Equity in Education

Sagor, R. D., & Williams, C. (2017). The action research guidebook: A process for pursuing equity in education. Corwin. eText ISBN: 9781506380612 



From the Durlak textbook, you will self-select from Chapters 9-18 during the course. The ARC Template is located in Week Four.

  • By Week 3, select two chapters for the ARC.
  • By Week 4, select an additional two chapters for the ARC.

Chapters to Self-Select from:

  • Chapter 9: SEL Programs for Preschool Children, Karen L. Bierman and Mojdeh Motamedi
  • Chapter 10: SEL in Elementary School Settings: Identifying Mechanisms That Matter, Sara E. Rimm-Kaufman and Chris S. Hulleman
  • Chapter 11: A Review of Classroom-Based SEL Programs at the Middle School Level, Robert J. Jagers, Alexis Harris, and Alexandra Skoog
  • Chapter 12: SEL Programs in High School, Ariel A. Williamson, Kathryn L. Modecki, and Nancy G. Guerra 
  • Chapter 13: SEL in Higher Education, Colleen S. Conley 
  • Chapter 14: SEL for Students with High-Incidence Disabilities, Andrew L. Wiley and Gary N. Siperstein
  • Chapter 15: SEL and Student–Teacher Relationships, Amanda P. Williford and Catherine Sanger Wolcot
  • Chapter 16: The Role of School–Family Partnership Programs for Promoting Student SEL, S. Andrew Garbacz, Michelle S. Swanger-Gagné, and Susan M. Sheridan 
  • Chapter 17: After-School Programming and SEL, Thomas P. Gullotta
  • Chapter 18: SEL Programs for Juvenile Justice Settings and Populations, Patrick H. Tolan, Emily Nichols, and Nicole DuVal

Optional Readings

Take your learning to the next level by checking out these specifically selected resources to accompany this week's material.