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Required Resources

ForeverDansky. “The 19 Adjustment Layers in Photoshop Explained.” YouTube, YouTube, 23 Nov. 2018,
This resource provides step-by-step guidance on the various adjustment layers available in Photoshop. Get a preview of how they work and can be used to edit an image. You are encouraged to watch the entire video. However, to successfully complete Assignment 2, please watch 7:54–19:30.

Sticker Mule. "Raster vs. Vector – What's the difference?" YouTube, Apr. 23, 2018,
There are two types of digital artwork: Raster images and vector images. This video explains the difference between the two.

Additional Resources

The following resources were designed and curated to support the successful completion of this module's assignments. 

Watch this tutorial to learn more about making image adjustments in Photoshop.