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Module 1 Required Resources

About These Resources

The readings for this module will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of studying art history. There will be a focus on understanding what it means to live with art, the roles of artists and audiences, some of the themes of art, and introducing the Visual Elements and Principles of Design used by artists and art critics alike. These basics will pave the way for deeper art analyses later in the course, and through them, you will gain a great appreciation for the artworks you critique.


Your course textbook can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.

Your textbook may also be purchased from the NU Bookstore or any other resource of your choosing (for example, on Amazon). 


The Elements of Art by A. Armstrong & B. Bargo

Why is this Painting so Captivating? by J. Earle & C. Bozsik