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Q&A with Springshare

  1. If a student starts with the bot and asks to be directed to live chat, we can't see the chatbot's side of the conversation in the live transcript. (Only what the student selected). Do you know if there are plans to change that functionality so operators can see the chatbot's side of the conversation? Right now, it reads "[Asked Unknown Question]." I attached an example to this email.
    • The chatbot's side of the conversation is supposed to show in the transcript for the live chat operator. The [Asked Unknown Question] seems to happen when the chatbot flow is redirected to another chatbot flow.
    • I am going to escalate this ticket to our LibAnswers team so that they can take a closer look to see if they can add the questions from redirected flows.  
  2. In the chatbot statistics, we can't sort the data by user type or type of question asked. Is there a way we can add that in?
    • In the Response Options by Popularity section toward the bottom of the Chatbot Statistics page (, it shows list of the words or phrases used as response options in your Chatbot flow(s), ordered by popularity, starting with the response with the highest number of clicks at the top.
      • Since you have a question about user type, you can see how often users are clicking those options.
      • However, you would not be able to see what types of questions are being asked by a specific user type.
    • You can get additional information by exporting the Chatbot Transcripts (
      • The export includes the originating chatbot flow, transfers to other flows (so in your case, the flows for specific user types), and the status of the interaction.
    • If you have ideas about how the Chatbot Statistics could be improved, I would encourage you to post to them to the LibAnswers Feature Request area of the Springshare Lounge. 
  3. Is there a way we can create an action that will allow a student to type a question and then be automatically connected to live help?
    • Yes! You can use the Ask Question action, choose Free Response as Question Type, and set the next action as Send to Chat.
      • The text the user types in the free response would be in the transcript when transferred to the live operator.
    • You could also use the Parameters action to send the user to live chat if chat is online and to submit a ticket (or other action) if chat is offline.