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A research management tool.

Accessing Zotero

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To use Zotero, download & install the two components (software and browser plugin): 

>> Download & Install Zotero <<

What is Zotero?

Zotero is a free research management tool designed to help you gather, organize, store, annotate, and share all types of resources used in your research, assignments, or dissertation.

Zotero is free-to-use, with 300mb web storage. 

With Zotero, you can do the following:

  • Organize your resources by project/ folders or with tags
  • Create APA formatted reference lists 
  • Import citations directly and indirectly from Library databases as well as research websites like Google Scholar or PubMed
  • Insert in-text citations and references lists directly in Microsoft Word or Google Docs
  • Share citations and source lists

NOTE: When using any citation manager, you must always check your content and citations for accuracy and proper formatting.

Register for a Zotero Training Session!

All sessions are hosted in Zoom. [Information about using Zoom to connect]

What about Refworks?

Zotero is similar to Refworks, NU Library's subscription research management tool.

RefWorks is web-based (accessible anywhere with the internet), while  Zotero is software-based (usable without an internet connection).

Zotero is also free for anyone to use, even those not enrolled at NU. 

We encourage you to try out both and pick the one that best suits your needs and preferences!