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COM630 v1


Welcome to the NU Library Guide for COM630.

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Required Textbook:

Marketing Metrics

Bendle, N., Farris, P. W., Pfeifer, P., & Reibstein, D. (2020). Marketing metrics (Pearson Business Analytics Series). Pearson Education.

NOTE: Your course textbook can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.

Supplemental Resource:

Strategic Marketing Planning: A Step-by-Step Approach

Alsem, K. J. (2023). Strategic marketing planning: A step-by-step approach. Routledge.

  • This resource may be especially useful if you are taking COM630 out of sequence with COM625 and need to prepare the basics of a communication plan for this course. It may also serve as a refresher if you prepared your plan earlier in the program and could use a review of key concepts.

Additional Resources:

Measuring Marketing: The 100+ Essential Metrics Every Marketer Needs

Davis, J. (2018). Measuring marketing: The 100+ essential metrics every marketer needs. DEG Press.

  • This resource should be used to submit work related to the Bonus opportunities that exist throughout the course. 

Accountability: A Guide to Measuring ROI and ROO Across Media

Magazine Publishers of America. (2005). Accountability: A guide to measuring ROI and ROO across media.

  • This resource should be used as a guide for course concepts applicable to course assignments.
  • Find the downloadable PDF below.