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What is an Infographic?


An infographic, short for information graphic, is a visual representation of knowledge or data to present information quickly and clearly. They will help explain your knowledge of complex processes to others in a simple, graphic manner.

An infographic is a fairly easy and creative method to explain more complex concepts clearly. Generally, an infographic is a single page in length that includes graphics and key concepts. Text is used minimally; engaging visuals are utilized to communicate information both quickly and clearly. While a Venn diagram is an example of an infographic as it shows both concepts and the common overlap of concepts, new technologies are now available to help you be creative! In fact, you will find a simple Internet search may locate more examples than you could possibly think of.


There are many sites available that allow you to create an infographic.  The site you choose depends on answers to the questions below:

  • Free or paid plans- will the free plan give you enough customizability or will you have to upgrade?  If upgrading, what is the cost?
  • Ease of use- do they offer tutorials or other resources to help you get started?
  • Time required to build- does it take 15 minutes or does it take an hour to put an infographic together?
  • Templates and design tools- what kind of tools are offered to customize the infographic?  Is WYZWIG available?  Do they have prebuilt templates?
  • Image library- is there a library for images?  Are they free images or do they require a license?

Consider the options below for developing infographics:

CanvaTemplatesCanva for Beginners Video and Getting Started Video

PreziPrezi Product Tutorials and Prezi Support

EasellyEaselly: Infographic Design Tips & Tutorials

PiktochartHow to Create an Infographic and Other Visual Projects in 5 Minutes [Infographic]






Microsoft PowerPoint- included in Microsoft Office 365 Suite

Google ChartUsing Google Charts

  • Note: Please add an attribution at the end of the page if you are using Google Charts to create your infographic.