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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning at NU

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning for the NU Community

Learning and growth at school and work (and in life!) is a journey and lifelong process. NU is committed to your professional and personal development and is now proud to offer LinkedIn Learning to its community members!  LinkedIn Learning is provided at no cost to all current NU students as well as faculty and staff. 

NU has partnered with LinkedIn Learning to provide an on-demand video learning platform to help you develop and enhance skills. Within LinkedIn Learning, there are over 16,000 courses and Learning Paths taught by industry experts.  Courses include business, creative, and technology and the broad range of topics in each category.

Personalized online learning the whole campus will use, love and apply. Bolster student outcomes with insights only LinkedIn can provide. 

  • Students: Stand out in a crowded job market by learning skills that support your program and empower you to transition from the classroom to the workforce. 
  • Staff and Faculty: Faculty and staff can keep up to date on new technology and continue their professional development.  LinkedIn Learning is a great way to supplement course content and your students improve their skills.

How to Access LinkedIn Learning

Before you can access LinkedIn Learning, you need to activate your account.  Click this link to do so. 

Enter in your NU student email address or NU staff/faculty email address and wait for the activation email to be sent.  Once you receive the activation email from LinkedIn Learning, click the Activate your account button from within that email.

This will take you to the NU organizational landing page, which you will click to continue to. After signing in with your NU credentials (just like you would to access NCUOne), you should be able to access LinkedIn Learning.  When accessing LinkedIn Learning for the first time, you will be prompted to log in or create a LinkedIn account which will be paired with your LinkedIn Learning account. Pairing your account is optional, but if you choose not to pair a LinkedIn account, there is a potential that you may lose any progress, history, or customization. It is highly recommended that you pair a LinkedIn account with your LinkedIn Learning, but you will be given the choice to do so.

If you experience issues with logging in, please contact Service Desk at 

Click here to access the LinkedIn Learning login page.

Why Use LinkedIn Learning

Why use LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning lets you learn at your own pace. You can select courses relevant to your current role or degree program in areas like Business, Technology and Marketing. The content is focused on job skills and can be good for those wanting to learn software platforms specific to their job, but you can also pursue other passions! With courses on financial literacy, social media, even drawing and music theory, you’ll be able to grow and develop in the areas you care about both at and outside of the University.

Brian Tracy quote - Commit to lifelong learning.

You may watch an entire course, or individual videos – some are as short as four or five minutes. You will be able to bookmark courses that suit your interests, keep track of the courses you have taken, and when you complete a course, you’ll receive a certificate. You have the opportunity to refine or develop your professional skills, learn new software, and explore other areas as you plan for your education and career growth.

LinkedIn Learning Highlights

Promote Yourself

Track, save, and share your achievements with your LinkedIn network. 


Earn a Certificate

Earn a LinkedIn Certificate when you complete a course and showcase it on your profile. 


Learn From Any Device

View courses anytime on your computer or mobile device. Download for offline viewing.

Expert Instructors

Learn from real-world industry experts who are passionate about teaching. 

Personalized Learning

Curate your experience with trending skills in your field based on your likes and education needs.

Robust Library

An always expanding collection of more than 15,000 courses taught by real-world professionals. 

Chat bubbles

Q&A Forum

Courses include question and answer forums with field experts.  Have a question?  Ask it in the forum. 

File folders

Exercise Files

Handouts and practice files the instructor has included to download as a resource to support your learning.

Notebook with video icon


Notes are saved to your account and will replay the exact video segment when you reference it later.

Career Development- Students, Staff and Faculty

Scott Adams quote - Every skill doubles your odds of success

Career Development

With LinkedIn Learning, students can:

  • Learn the latest and most in-demand technologies and soft skills. 
  • Get recommendations based on real-time industry trends, personalized to their individual level and goals. 
  • Learn anytime, on desktop or mobile, online or off.
  • Certify their skills and build out their brand on the world's largest professional network. 


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