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LinkedIn Learning

Do I really need a LinkedIn account?

A big benefit of LinkedIn Learning is the ability to showcase your learning on your profile page.  This lets others, including current or potential employers, know that you are able to learn and willing to do so.  A growth mindset and continuous learning are desirable soft skills in today's job market.  Pairing your Learning account with a LinkedIn account can help you easily showcase what you have learned to anyone who lands on your profile page.

If you have privacy concerns, visit LinkedIn Learning to learn more about their privacy policy.

What if I already have a LinkedIn Learning account?

You can connect your LinkedIn Learning account from your profile and it will pull in your learning history so it's all in one central account.

How do I access LinkedIn Learning on my mobile phone?

LinkedIn and LinkedIn Learning each have their own app.  In the app/play store on your device, you'll need to search for the "LinkedIn Learning" app and download it.  

How portable is LinkedIn Learning?

Take learning with you wherever you go!  The mobile app allows for downloading content to view offline at a later time so you don't always have to be using the internet.  Accessible 24/7 from your desktop or mobile device, visit LinkedIn Learning by logging in through your NU login credentials. After signing in with your NU student email, you will see the NU organizational landing page, which you will click to continue to. After signing in, a welcome email will be sent confirming your new account.

Click here to access LinkedIn Learning











If you experience issues with logging in, please contact Service Desk at 

Can content be viewed offline?

Absolutely!  When connected to the internet, locate the course you want to watch offline and then click the "download" button. This will download courses directly to your device that you can watch while offline.

What accessibility options does LinkedIn Learning offer?

LinkedIn Learning provides transcripts of videos, option for searching, and also closed captions.

Can I download or print certificates of completion?

Under My Learning, select Learning History.  Navigate to any of your completed courses and click the '...' button to the right. Here, you can select 'add to profile' (if you’ve paired with a LinkedIn account) or 'download certificate' to save a digital file or to print and display.

What is the difference between a learning path and a collection?

A learning path is a compiled playlist of related video courses on a specific topic. They may include multiple courses by different expert instructors to teach a variety of skills and information associated with that topic. They are a specific series of courses and videos taken in sequence.

A collection is also a group of courses and videos related to a specific topic; however, they do not have a particular order and do not need to be watched in sequence.

What is a weekly learning goal and how do I set it?

You can set weekly learning goals that help you prioritize your learning needs. Every minute you spend watching content on LinkedIn Learning will count towards your weekly goal. You can track your progress via the progress bar on your home page and you will also receive reminders to complete your goal.

You can select a Learning goal in one of 2 ways-

  1. When first activating your Learning account
    From the weekly goal page, select the desired option and then click ‘Set goal’.
  2. When accessing the LinkedIn Learning homepage
    Log in to your LinkedIn Learning account, click ‘Set goal’ from the top left of your Learning homepage, select the desired option and then click ‘Set goal’.

You can change your learning goal whenever you want. To make changes to your learning goal, log in to your LinkedIn Learning account, click ‘Edit goal’ from the Home page and make your changes.

How do I save content to view later?

Within My Learning, there is a tab for Saved that lists all courses or videos you saved to view later.  To save a course or video, select the ‘Save’ button in the search next to it or on the top right of the course/video itself when you have it open.

Does LinkedIn Learning offer CEUs?

If you are a human resource professional, accountant, business analyst, or project manager, you can use LinkedIn Learning courses to acquire continuing education units (CEUs).  LinkedIn Learning partners with official accreditors in these fields.  Visit their CE page at

Does the content include different levels?

Yes!  The content is categorized by levels.  Topics can be categorized as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.  Choose the most appropriate one for you and your learning.  Level up your skills!

Tech Support?

If you experience issues with logging in, please contact Service Desk at 

For additional technical support, visit LinkedIn Learning's Help page.

You can chat online or request a call back from a support representative.  You can utilize the search bar to look for specific items.  There are also shortcuts, topics, and articles to help narrow down your search.

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