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BIO162 v1

Module 1 Required Resources


Urry, L. A., Cain, M. L., Wasserman, S. A., Minorsky, P. V., & Orr, R. B. (2019). Campbell biology (12th ed.). Pearson. 

Campbell Biology is a text used by many institutions to teach college-level biology courses. The text offers a detailed but entry-level understanding of many biological concepts, which will benefit you as you take this course.

Read the following chapters:

  • Chapter 22: Descent with Modification: A Darwinian View of Life
  • Chapter 23: The Evolution of Populations
  • Chapter 24: The Origin of Species
  • Chapter 25: The History of Life on Earth
  • Chapter 26: Phylogeny and the Tree of Life

Your course textbook can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.