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PSY-6414 v5

Week 3 Required Resources


Your course textbook can be accessed via the Redshelf link in the Getting Started module.

Levi, D & Askay, D.A. (2021). Group dynamics for teams (6th ed.). SAGE Publications, Inc.

Read Chapters 7, 8, 9, and 10: Chapter 7 of Levi's work emphasizes the importance of embracing conflict as a normal part of team activity and a healthy sign of diverse perspectives. Levi provides a research-based model on conflict resolution, outlining five approaches: avoidance, accommodation, confrontation, compromise, and collaboration, which equip team members with tools and skills to resolve differences effectively. In Chapter 8, Levi discusses social influence, highlighting how power dynamics, including status differences, can impact team communication and the importance of empowerment for effective teamwork. Chapter 9 delves into group decision-making processes, emphasizing the advantages of consensus decision-making and the need for problem-solving skills to avoid premature conclusions. Finally, Chapter 10 explores various approaches to leadership, including trait, behavioral, contingency, relational, and functional approaches, with a focus on situational leadership theory, which adapts leadership style based on team readiness level, and the significance of constructive followership for team effectiveness and preventing dysfunctional leadership.


Week 3 Optional Resources