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Required vs. Optional

Majority of the study aids in Aspen and West Academic are optional and supplemental, however, some instructors in the JD law program assign them as required reading. The required study aids are listed below. Always refer to the "Course Resources" section of your course for complete access instructions. 

Required West Academic Study Aids - Access through the Study Aid Portal:

1. LAW 112 Torts:

Sum & Substance Audio Lecture on Torts included on West Academic study aid subscription. 

2. LAW 420: Remedies:

 Principles of Remedies Law (3rd ed.). West Academic. - Included with your West Academic Study Aid Subscription

3. LAW 117A/B: Legal Methods

Law School Secrets, Outlining for Exam Success - Included with your West Academic Study Aid Subscription

4. LAW 120: Criminal Law

Sum & Substance Audio Lecture on Criminal Law - Included on West Academic study aid subscription


Aspen Study Aids - Access these required study aids through Casebook Connect– The following Aspen “study aids” are exceptions. They are accessible on Casebook Connect (also in Aspen Study Aid Library). The instructors set it up this way to allow for Connected Quizzing, which the Aspen Learning Library does not have. You will access these study aids through your Casebook Connect login, and they are linked in your course under the "Course Resources" tab. Access them as you would any other Casebook Connect textbook.

LAW 214 Civil Procedure

  • Glannon, J.W. (2018). The Glannon Guide to Civil Procedure, 4th Edition. 
  • Glannon, J.W. (2018). Civil Procedure: Examples & Explanations, 8th Edition

LAW 420: Remedies:

  • Hasan, R. L. (2017). Examples & explanations for remedies 

LAW 313: Community Property

  • Goldberg, Charlotte. Examples and Explanations: California Community Property