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Learn the Library

This guide will help familiarize you with how to use the library to conduct research, as well as introduce the general library services that are offered.

Graduate Student Library Help

Basic Training

Library Basic Training: Resources for Doctoral Success

Are you starting your doctoral journey at NU? Library Basic Training goes beyond Library Orientation to review the most important resources for your dissertation research. Learn how to search for scholarly articles and dissertations, place Interlibrary Loan requests, find information about research methodology and design, use Google Scholar, and more. 

Library Dissertation Toolbox Workshops

The Library Dissertation Toolbox Workshop Series is designed specifically for doctoral students. Learn how to effectively locate, evaluate, and use information relating to your dissertation research topic. For upcoming LIVE sessions, please see our Library Events Calendar

Note that video captions rely on automatic speech recognition and may include minor errors. Please contact the Library if you require any correction to the captions or have further questions.