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Dr. Heather Miller, IRB Director

Heather Miller

Dr. Heather Miller has been working with Social Behavioral and Educational IRBs since 2005. She is passionate about supporting students, faculty, and staff through the process so they best understand how the IRB applies and can help their own research. She is passionate about helping novice researchers set up feasible studies to achieve their personal goals in a timely manner. She has been mentoring students through doctoral research since 2006 and is also mentoring students in the School of Education. When Heather is not looking at IRB information or mentoring students, you’ll find her hiking with her dogs and amazing husband, imagining the possibilities of food that can be cooked in a crockpot, and hassling her teenaged kids about pretty much everything.

Jenelle M. Dembsey, IRB Coordinator (Non-scientist)

Jenelle Dembsey

Jenelle M. Dembsey has been at NU since 2019. She has an MA in Composition and Communication from Central Michigan University, a Graduate Certificate in Online Writing Instruction from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, and BAs in English and Writing/Rhetoric from Oakland University. Jenelle has researched online writing tutoring, online writing instruction, accessibility, and disability, and she worked in writing centers for 8 years before coming to NU. Outside of NU, she is the Founding President of the Online Writing Centers Association. She currently lives in Cincinnati, OH, with her family. She enjoys Jurassic Park just a little too much and has a wearable dinosaur head in her office.

Josh Leonard, IRB Systems Analyst (Non-scientist)

Josh Leonard

Josh Leonard obtained his BS from ASU and is set to complete his MBA in Project Management in the Spring of 2021. Josh has been with NU since 2018 and has enjoyed working in higher education. He is passionate about helping others achieve academic success while on his own academic journey. In his spare time, Josh loves to stay up to date on the latest auto trends and news, visit out of state friends and family, gardening, and pretty much anything that involves being out in the sun.

PNW Conference Mission

To facilitate conversations and communication to best serve IRBs, HRPPs, and researchers in the Pacific Northwest.