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ATP600: Inspired Educator: Question for Practitioner Inquiry Research Assignment

This guide will help you complete your Week 3 assignment

Course Assignment

Welcome to the NU Library course guide for ATP 600: Inspired Educator. This guide is designed to help students find resources to complete Week 3 Assignment: Question for Practitioner Inquiry Research Assignment 

While this guide will provide you with support to complete the research aspects of your assignment, please address all questions regarding content, formatting, and grading to your instructor.

For more information and library resources see the SCOE Curriculum and Teaching.

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Verify Scholary and Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Recommended Databases

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View the video below for tips on using this guide and finding articles for your assignment

Week 2: Assignment

Practitioner Inquiry I

Teacher inquiry is defined as “systemic, intentional study of one’s own professional practice” (Dana & Yendol-Hoppey, 2015, p. 12). During your program, you will be focusing on 2 Specialization lines of inquiry within the context of your own practice.  For each Specialization, you will start with a line of inquiry based upon your experience and beliefs. 

1. Complete Initial Prompts form to identify interest in area of Specialization (see link to document in online course)

a. The Inspired Educator
b. Assessment Literacy
c. Digital Literacy
d. Instructional Literacy

2. Begin Practitioner Inquiry Journal  (see rubric in online course)

Week 3: Assignment: Inspired Educator Philosophy

Practitioner Inquiry II & III

  1. Review questions identified in Journal.
  2. Look for emerging themes.
  3. Use NU Library to locate journal articles.
  4. Choose up to 5 peer-reviewed articles around each specialization theme.
  5. Create a Sources Cited document in APA format.
  6. Reflect on articles.
  7. Reframe questions.
  8. Submit: Practitioner Inquiry Journal, APA Sources Cited listing of journal articles, Reflection for each question and/or Starting Points document for each question.

Within your course, you will find the following documents to help you with the week three assignment:

  1. Educational Philosophy Survey (Please take 39 question survey)
  2. Scoring guide for Philosophy Survey (Please score survey)
  3. Educational Philosophy: The Intellectual Foundations of American Education: See Power Point link in Week 3 Assignment.
  4. Sample Student Educational Philosophy Statements: See link in Week 3 Assignment
  5. The Inspired Educator and Literacies:  See link in Week 3 Assignment

Prepare a 3-4 page paper, in acceptable APA format, in which you address the following:

Education Role:

  1. Why you teach:  Briefly describe why you have chosen to be a teacher
  2. Who you teach:  Briefly describe who you teach (grade level/subject/etc.)

Educator Beliefs

  1. What you teach:  Briefly describe how classic educational philosophy and theory informs, aligns and supports what you teach.

Inspired Practice

  1. How you teach:  Provide a clear example of how you teach and how this aligns with the Inspired Educator definition and the literacies. 

ECE Sample Searches

Below are frequently used searches.  Click on the links below to view the search queries.

Note: The search queries uses field limiters (such as subject), synonyms and geographic locations to refine the results.

Alternative terms to consider:

Universal Pre-K

Universal Pre-Kindergarten

Alternative terms to consider:



Early Childhood

Alternative terms to consider:

Hand held devices


"Technology uses in education"

"Educational technology"

"Technology integration"

"Assistive technology."

Introduction To Research

How to Find Reliable Sources

Learn how to find reliable sources to use in your academic papers, including how to search for sources, evaluate sources, and organize sources with a reference management system.

Academic Writer

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Table of Contents (for the above tutorial)



Personal vs. Scholarly Research


Research Planning


The Funnel Approach to Finding Sources


Where to Search for Sources


Selecting a Research Database


Search Strategies


Reference Management Systems


Evaluating Source Trustworthiness


Evaluating Source Usefulness

11. Review
12. Related Resources


Educational Philosophy Terms

Definitions of Philosophy of Education Terms

Use The Greenwood Dictionary of Education to define the following words: 

  • Perennialism
  • Essentialism
  • Behaviorism
  • Progressivism
  • Humanism
  • Existentialism
  • Reconstructionism
  • Postmodernism (Critical Theory)

Using the same dictionary, you can search the broad schools of philosophical thought:

  • Idealism
  • Realism
  • Pragmatism
  • Existentialism