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APA Style

This guide contains tips for how to maximize your Academic Writer experience plus additional resources to assist with APA style.

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Search our FAQs on the Academic Success Center's Ask a Coach page.

APA Style Key Resource: Academic Writer

Academic Writer Logo

Academic Writer offers three centers—the Learning Center, the Reference Center, and the Writing Center. See an overview of each center below. Use the tips and FAQs below to help you set up your account and navigate the platform.

Academic Writer Learn Tab

Quick Guides are short self-paced modules to help you learn APA Style rules.

Tutorials are longer self-paced modules to provide more in-depth lessons on writing.

Most modules contain Knowledge Checks that help you assess your understanding of APA Style rules.

This section provides sample papers, references, tables, and figures.

Academic Writer Reference Tab

Add and manage your references for papers.

Academic Writer Write Tab

Use templates such as a basic, theoretical, or literature review paper or view more sample papers to assist you with a specific paper type.

Academic Writer Made Easy

Academic Writer Made Easy Icon

Monday 2:00 p.m. 

Are you using all the features available in Academic Writer? New and experienced users are invited to join us on a tour of Academic Writer’s three centers. During this interactive group session, you will learn how to explore the Learn center to locate APA guidelines and samples, use the Reference center to build and import references, and create papers using APA templates in the Write center. Coaching Scheduler

Creating References in Academic Writer

DOI Information

When using Academic Writer to generate a reference, remove the proxy information from the reference as highlighted below.


  • Ambrose, A. (1963). The age of onset of ambivalence in early infancy: Indications from the study of laughing. Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry, 4(3–4), 167–181.


  • Ambrose, A. (1963). The age of onset of ambivalence in early infancy: Indications from the study of laughing. Journal of Child Psychology & Psychiatry, 4(3–4), 167–181.

Helpful Tips for Using Academic Writer


Academic Writer Icon Black circle with AW inside

Here are some tips to get started!

1. Go to the Academic Writer website.

Note: You must be signed into university portal in order to access Academic Writer. If you are not signed in, the link will route you to the sign-in page. Academic Writer is not compatible with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge; therefore, we suggest using another browser to avoid any issues.  

2. Select the “Welcome” tab at the top of the screen and then select “Log In.”

Log in

3. If you have not yet created an account, see the Academic Success Center’s FAQ on creating an account if you need assistance. If you have created an account, log in.

4. Review a description of the three centers and go to the one that best fits your needs (or try them all).

Academic Writer Centers Learn Reference Write


WRITE Center Note: Like other websites, Academic Writer occasionally undergoes maintenance or experiences technical issues. To avoid losing access to your work, be sure to download your work after every use.

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