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Qualtrics is an online survey tool provided to dissertation researchers free of charge by the University.

Access to Qualtrics is provided prior to NU IRB approval to ensure students have plenty of time to learn how to use the tool and prepare the survey. Students may not, under any circumstances, distribute any recruitment or other research related materials to or have contact with potential participants, or begin collecting data prior to NU IRB approval.

Email your request for a Qualtrics account to the Office of Accreditation & Curriculum at The request should include your first & last name and student email address. A staff member will send the researcher login credentials for their Qualtrics account and any additional account information.

On Demand Training Resources:

Live Qualtrics Support

Your university Qualtrics account includes access to live Qualtrics support. Access the live support through the Qualtrics support website. You will need to log into your Qualtrics account before you can access live support.

Qualtrics Support Website

Screenshot of Qualtrics support website with arrow pointing at Contact Support button.