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Success Tips from your Academic and Finance Advisor

Academic and Finance Advisor to student ratio at NU is about 250:1. Our team works with all students here at NU and have seen similar patterns in student behaviors that have lead students to reaching their educational goals and dreams.

Here are the best tips and advice from our Academic and Finance Advisors/Advisor Testimonials:

  • Communication is extremely important in an online learning environment. Be pro-active and communicate to your Academic and Finance Advisor regularly but most importantly, communicate to them immediately when you start to experience academic/financial challenges, personal matters, unforeseen/extenuating circumstances etc. Most of the time we can help you!
  • Turning in your assignments on time is very important in helping you stay on pace to completing the course successfully. For any questions on course content, assignment expectations, etc. your faculty member will be able to assist in helping you and providing guidance on.
  • Have a strong time management plan that you can follow. Setting a routine for yourself, family, and friends will help you balance, work, school, and personal time. If your time management fails, don’t give up, contact your Academic and Finance Advisor and create a new plan.
  • Utilize the feedback you receive from your faculty members. Feedback is designed to help you grow as a scholar and should not be taken personally.
  • Be determined and stay committed to your educational goals. Understand that your journey is long and that bumps in the road will happen. Use your determination and commitment to persevere. Appreciate the easy times and understand that the difficult times are shaping you!


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