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Research Writing and Analysis

This page contains information to support researchers with various research tools..

Step 4: Own It

Man sitting on a dock looking at a lake

The fourth step of the five-step strategy, toward improving your scholarly research writing is to "Own it".

Start by asking yourself,

  • “What is my overall stance, after researching and looking at the “Big Picture” (Refer to Step 3:The Big Picture)? 

Creating, I statements.

A picture of a lake surrounded by trees

The I statements will not be included in your scholarly writing but will be used for you to self-reflect and determine how you will present the information to support your stance. Remember, this is your research. You will be pouring a lot of time, energy, and effort into it. Therefore, you must “Own it”.


An example of how to “Own it”:

The “Own it” stance: The beauty of a lake is better than a pond.

I statement: I will use these research findings to prove that lakes are more scenic than ponds.

I statement: I will use the following research studies to demonstrate that tourists rather visit lakes instead of ponds.

I Statements:

I will determine that…

I will prove that…

I will show that….

I will demonstrate that…

I will argue that…

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