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Week 3 Resources

  • Essentials of Health Economics

Dewar, D. M. (2017). Essentials of health economics (2nd ed.). Jones and Bartlett Learning.

Part IV: Supply, pages 77-83. Chapter 10, Healthcare Supply, pages 79-83

  • Economics of Health and Medical Care

Hicks, L.L. (2021) Economics of health and medical care (7th ed.). Jones and Bartlett Learning.

Chapter 6, Behavior of Supply, pages 93-109

To access the Redshelf book, click on the book link located in the Getting Started module or the Bookshelf link on the top navigation bar of the course.

You will use this resource for all assignments to find an example of the topic for the week’s assignment. Identify your selection by the title of the article, provide a brief explanation of the relation to the week’s assignment, and a link. The instructor’s assessment of this component of the assignment will be under the critical thinking criterion.

Musai, S. (2020, May 6). Creating simple economics graphs on Microsoft word. Creating Simple Economic Graphs on Microsoft Word. 

This 30-minute video was created to help microeconomic students sketch simple graphs on Microsoft word for their assignments.

Optional Resources

Thew, J. (2017, December). The balancing act of clinician supply and demand. Health Leaders Magazine, 9-20.

This article, the lead cover story in the December 2017 issue describes new and innovative approaches to achieve optimal staffing levels. To read, copy the entire reference into a search bar, scroll down, and read through the pages at the end.