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Healthcare Legal Compliance

Lesson 3 Required Resources


Safian, S. C. (2010). Essentials of healthcare compliance. Cengage. 

  • Chapter 3: Components of an Effective Compliance

Your course textbook can be accessed via the left-hand navigation pane in your course.

Articles & Webpages

There are many state and federal agencies that are in charge of the oversight of various aspects of health care. Below are some of the agencies and their roles in healthcare compliance (Saffian, 2010). Visit each of these agencies for more information. 


ProviderTrust. (2015, September 24). Comply with Mike: Healthcare compliance overview [Video file]. Retrieved from 

  • In this video, “Mike” goes over the basics of healthcare compliance – which includes the definition of compliance, the issues at hand, fraud, and best practices. For more information on healthcare compliance, be sure to watch his other video segments (found in the notes section): Healthcare Fraud, Healthcare Fraud Examples, Best Practices. 

American Institute of Healthcare Compliance, Inc. (2021, August 15). 7 steps to an effective compliance program [Video file]. Retrieved from 

  • This video provided by AIHC goes over 7 tips on to having an effective compliance program. You can find out more information about the American Institute of Healthcare Compliance on their website: 

First Healthcare Compliance. (2019, March 5). Compliance program effectiveness: Auditing and monitoring [Video file]. Retrieved from 

  • In this video, several compliance hosts provide an interactive discussion on compliance program effectiveness: auditing and monitoring – specifically the differences between the two, review of live case studies and penalties, as well as best practices.