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SOHP Essentials


The Essentials area houses guides, manuals, and templates to assist you in your doctoral journey.  There is also a section specifically for rubrics for each of the sections as well as the proposal and manuscript.  Along with these items, there are additional resources provided for the ASC, Library, technology, and accessing published dissertations.

SOHP DNP/DHA Guides & Templates

How do I know if I should be in the Applied Doctoral Center or the Dissertation Center?

Log into NCUOne and scroll down on the homepage until your find your Upcoming Courses widget.  Look for the courses that begin with DIS.

Course Codes: DIS-9911A/B/C/D, DIS-9912A/B/C/D, DIS-9913A/B/C/D, and DIS-9914A/B/C/D= Applied Doctoral Center

Course Codes: DIS-9901A/B/C/D, DIS-9902A/B/C/D, DIS-9903A/B/C/D, and DIS-9904A/B/C/D= Dissertation Center

ADE Rubrics

The documents and information below are for all students in a program with an applied doctoral project.

Preparing for Your CMP Course

Not yet at the Dissertation phase?  Getting ready for your CMP course?  Check out the CMP Course Frequently Asked Questions document below:

Developing the PICOT Question for the DNP Project

PICOT is a systematic, approved format to develop an applied study and evidence-based doctoral project. It is focused on a clinical or operational problem within the institution. It is an acronym derived from the following elements – 

  • population, patient, or problem
  • intervention or action to be considered (non-patient care related)
  • comparison of interventions
  • outcomes or objectives
  • timeframe

The informational webinar below, provided by SOHP, outlines how to develop the PICOT question.

Library Dissertation Toolbox Series

Library Dissertation Toolbox Workshop Series

The Library Dissertation Toolbox Workshop Series consists of engaging, skill-building workshops designed specifically for doctoral students. Students will learn how to effectively locate, evaluate, and use information relating to their dissertation research topics. Each toolbox session features a new research focus- sign up for the entire series, or just those that most appeal to you:


Other Resources