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CJ-5101 v4

Introduction to Criminal Justice

Lesson 3 Required Resources


Fichtelberg, A. (2023). Criminal [in] justice: A critical introduction (2nd ed.). Sage Publishing.

Read Chapter 6 Sections: The Constitution and the Police: The Fourth Amendment and Police Discretion

Read Chapter 7 Sections: The Causes of Police Deviance and Handling Police Deviance

Chapter 6 concerns modern policing. This will allow you to become more familiar with contemporary policing challenges. Chapter 7 concerns police deviance, which will be helpful in understanding forms of deviance to serve as a foundation for reform in the subsystem. If you feel that you need a refresher on the policing subsystem in general, you can read Chapter 5, which concerns the origin and development of policing.

Your course textbook can be accessed via the Redshelf link in the Getting Started module.



​​​​​​​This video is an interview with former police chief Sergio Diaz. This highlights some of the challenge areas of contemporary policing.